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Braingear conducts clinical dementia treatment in Singapore.

브레인기어, 싱가포르에서 치매 치료 임상 진행한다.


Professor Mounir Moktahri of the National University of Singapore said, “After this clinical trial of brain gear's dementia treatment through photo-biomedical devices, this will open up new possibilities for dementia treatment worldwide. ”



Big Bang Angels attracts brain gear investment
and selects TIPS program.
빅뱅엔젤스, 브레인기어 투자 유치 및 TIPS 프로그램 선정 진행


Braingear has developed a headset that simultaneously performs brain treatment and measurement, and is currently in clinical preparation with the Gold Coast National Hospital in Australia. It plans to subdivide the brain area with the information collected through the headset, and verify the hardware to software, such as providing results to medical staff through self-developed 3D imaging software.